Welcome to GRASAG-USA!

Hello, my name is Jackson. On behalf of the executive committee and the entire Ghanaian graduate community in the U.S.A, I’m honored to welcome you to the Graduate Students Association of Ghana in the USA (GRASAG-USA) – the maiden chapter of GRASAG outside the shores of Ghana! So, Woezor! (welcome!). GRASAG-USA was birthed to create a collaborative platform for a vibrant community of Ghanaian Graduate Students in the USA. Together, our goal as an organization is to connect, develop, and enrich the academic and professional capabilities of all members - senior colleagues (graduate members) and junior colleagues (undergraduate members) inclusive.


The numerous challenges faced by prospective students and Ghanaian graduate students in the USA had prompted some of our staunch young ladies and gentlemen to initiate what is now a prolific platform to address our biggest challenges and to create more opportunities for the Ghanaian Graduate community in the USA. We at GRASAG-USA believe that once we have been privileged to use the elevator, we owe it to our community, to lift others up by sending the elevator down so that they also can have the opportunity to come up!


Over the years, GRASAG-USA has been committed to building a strong union while striving to empower and develop prospective and current members. Today, we take pride in a record number of senate representative offices created in various states across the USA, who represent GRASAG-USA leadership at the state level, as well as provide the information and resources we need to better serve our members at the national level. With great help from our generous members, partners and associates, a number of brilliant Ghanaian applicants enjoy our annual GRASAG-USA application-fee scholarship, which sponsors the application fees for deserving prospective graduate students. Our members also continue to enjoy for free, a diverse stream of education and training on careers, mentorship and networking events with top notch professionals from across the globe. 


GRASAG-USA is constantly seeking and seizing every apt opportunity to innovate programs that promote the academic and professional skills of its members, while positively impacting communities in Ghana and the USA. If you are a Ghanaian Graduate / Undergraduate student in the USA, a prospective GRASAG-USA partner or associate member, or a fan of the great Ghanaian jollof - I entreat you to join us or support us today. For our shared goal is far beyond graduate school, our community is far beyond Ghana or America, and our impact is far beyond our ‘selves’. Thank you.


Once again, Woezor, Akwaaba, Welcome!


Jackson Doe-Mensah 

(President, GRASAG_USA



-To build a resourceful community of Ghanaian graduate students in USA


- To be a formidable voice to champion the interests of Ghanaian graduate students in the USA.


  1. To seek the academic and general welfare of members

  2. To build a culture of excellence that will unleash the maximum potential of our members

  3. To foster research collaboration with graduate students back in Ghana

  4. To promote the colourful Ghanaian culture through our activities

  5. To provide valuable information to prospective Ghanaians seeking to pursue graduate programs in the USA.

  6. To actively engage the community through voluntary community service and educational programs in the USA and Ghana.

  7. To train and develop the professional capabilities of members.

  8. To provide a collaborative forum for members to discuss issues of mutual interest and benefit.



GRASAG-USA: "Connecting Ghanaian graduate students in the US for Ghana's development and growth".

"It is clear that we must find an African solution to our problems, and that this can only be found in African unity. Divided we are weak; united, Africa could become one of the greatest forces for good in the world."

-Dr. Kwame Nkrumah